nico (dysrhythmic) wrote,

Struttin' naked down the boulevard, freezing as I go

Well, enough pseudopsychiatric rationalizations, blame directed towards the classes for being dull, or for my bed for being comfortable, or for the weather being ugly, or for feeling like I've lost a quart of blood in the night.

This is hard for me.

I guess I'm just a bad student.

Oh well, not for long. I realized that these next couple of weeks are going to be the worst that it gets for, like, at least seven months. Barring unforseen tragedy or medical problems.

I don't WANT to do any more of this, is the bottom line. I want to make a SNOW FORT, or bake some cookies, or watch movies, or write a letter, or sleep for sixteen hours. Anything, really.

I'll probably be pretty torn up from lack of sleep in a couple of days, so I bet time speeds up accordingly.

Oh and by the way I knew I was in bad shape last night when I was watching A (that Aum Shinrikyo documentary) and I thought, Hey, maybe joining some new age pseudo-Buddhist cult isn't such a bad idea. At least they keep vegetarian.
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