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Well, this is CERTAINLY novel

So lately I've been having trouble sleeping. This is a new problem for me. Y'all know that I generally have the opposite issue with sleep. I've been on "slacker hours" (you know, asleep by 4:30, up by 2), and I'm trying to get on some kind of normal schedule (up sometime before that). Problem is, I'm having trouble getting to sleep. It's getting so's I have to really pound the kava kava in order to shut my brain off enough to get to sleep.

And then I have some long, stressful, exhausting dream. I'm really, really, really sick of dreaming. It's enough to make me consider going back to smoking weed ALL THE TIME in order to shut 'em off.

I used to really enjoy sleep. It was GREAT. Maybe I need to lay in a supply of chamomile tea.
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