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Like a very dignified, measured brick to the face

I just saw "The Remains of the Day." God DAMN. It's somehow even more crushingly sad than the book, and not just because Anthony Hopkins is an acting juggernaut (juggernaut of subtlety - is that possible?). The book was plenty sad, but you have to break that up into a couple of days. It's not exactly a page-turner, even though it is unbelievably good. The point is that unless you really put your mind to it, you have to absorb the destructive blow in installments. If the book is being shot a couple dozen times with a BB gun, the movie (remember it's got Anthony Hopkins) is like somebody blowing up your house with a Stinger missile launcher. Then finding out that your dickhead cousin spent the money for the insurance policy on booze and slots.

I want a hug.
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