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Old footage justifies old crushes.

I used to have a huge crush on Bjork. I kind of obsessed about it, made some people uncomfortable. It was pretty monomaniacal. This was for about a year in high school. Right now, I'm most of the way through a google video of Bjork on the Charlie Rose show. I think I'm in love with Icelandic accents. I could just listen to her talk all the time. It's so cute. SO CUTE.

I wonder if I could use it as some kind of meditation/relaxation tool, just listening to her talk. I sort of had a similar reaction to the singer from Mum, when I saw them, but she's no Bjork. Few are.

I guess all I have to do is become some sort of art celebrity, to such a degree that I unseat Matthew Barney. That'll mean I need to work on my abs, too. Dammit Barney, you make it hard to supplant you. Well played.
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